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Unit in Dharavi to process wet waste of 9 wards

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to set up a waste processing unit on a 15-acre plot in Dharavi which will generate manure and electricity from wet waste collected from nine wards in Mumbai. The initiative was taken up by Assistant Municipal Commissioner, G North, Ramakant Biradar. The wards include A, B, C, D, E, […]

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Dharavi slums eating into mangrove forest

The mangrove patch in Dharavi is not just a critical habitat for several species but is also a crucial protective barrier from flash floods during heavy rainfall, as the trees and the swamp act like a sponge and soak the overflow of water. However, these forests slowly began to disappear because of rampant encroachment, prompting the […]

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The Indecisive Chicken: the cookbook from Dharavi

Via Hindustan Times In June 2014, The Dharavi Food Project (organised as part of the Dharavi Biennale arts and science festival), saw a 13-session pop-up kitchen being set up. Eight local women presented cooking demonstrations with mentor-curator Prajna Desai at the helm. The idea was to engage vocational cooks to showcase their cooking and explore the […]

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dharavi market 1

Dharavi Market goes digital is a for profit initiative by Megha Gupta aimed at making the skills of the squatter settlement more accessible to the middle/upper classes while providing the local, skilled craftsmen and artisans direct access to local and global markets. It aims at providing, world class, quality goods at cheap prices as one would directly buy […]

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Live from Dharavi, its own news channel

Through an archway in Dharavi, prettied up with false ceiling and ersatz chandeliers, is the office of what could be the smallest news channel in the city. The headquarters of Mumbai Today TV News are not easy to arrive at—one has to scuttle up flights of half-stairs, past a complex of rooms until a pocket-sized […]

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Dharavi unit making Eco-friendly sanitary pads

An unit in Dharavi has been producing biodegradable sanitary pads. Run by the NGO SHED (Society for Human and Environmental Development), the unit is run on the expertise and machinery of Aakar Innovations, a social enterprise that came up with the technology to produce low-cost sanitary pads that could be produced on a commercial scale […]

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