Dharavi eCommerce Hub: Bringing Digital Learning and Connectivity to Students and Skills Development for Local Entrepreneurs

Cisco and the Government of Maharashtra (GoM)  announced new local strategic initiatives to help the digital transformation of the state. At the ceremony, Cisco showcased helping digitize Sri Ganesh Vidya Mandir High School by providing the students with a virtual classroom, digital learning and highly secure Internet connectivity. Cisco’s initiative aims to enhance the quality of education […]

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How Children from India’s Largest Slum Are Turning App Developers to Solve Community Problems

Over the years, Ranjan’s Slum Innovation Project has grown to a two-room centre with 15 computers. Today, he trains close to 220 children. The children’s progress has also inspired their mothers to step forward and join the digital revolution: “These are women who haven’t had any formal education. But on seeing the difference these classes […]

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Design Museum Dharavi

Design Museum Dharavi is a new cultural institution that celebrates the creative potential of Dharavi, a homegrown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai, India. In February 2016 the museum opened its doors in Dharavi, a 3sq km home-grown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai. Around 1 million people live here, and despite the […]

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The Indecisive Chicken: the cookbook from Dharavi

Via Hindustan Times In June 2014, The Dharavi Food Project (organised as part of the Dharavi Biennale arts and science festival), saw a 13-session pop-up kitchen being set up. Eight local women presented cooking demonstrations with mentor-curator Prajna Desai at the helm. The idea was to engage vocational cooks to showcase their cooking and explore the […]

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st. anthony dharavi

St.Anthony’s Church

In 1939, a shed containing six rooms was obtained from Bombay Municipality by the influence of Dr.Donald who was the physician in Doctor Donald dispensary. Archbishop Roberts had a special interest in Dharavi area and appointed catechism teachers. For the first time, the feast of St.Anthony was celebrated in 1940. Till 1975, the sub-centre was […]

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sparrow 2

Sparrow’s Shelter

Sparrows the little chirpy bird that launched a thousand of poets and helped mothers feed their babies in the backyard – is fast disappearing from Indian cities. In a city rapidly turning into a concrete jungle, how often have you woken up at dawn to miss the sweet twitter of sparrows from your backyard? Everyones […]

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dharavi art room

Dharavi Art Room

We are interested in the relationship between art and anthropology..we have always been fascinated in sharing art related skills and tools with people who have never indulged in art activities and directed projects in which they understand their own lives, experiences and and attitudes through art projects. By extending resources to the least powerful members […]

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dharavi sports 1

Dharavi Sports Complex

While the infrastructure development remains of paramount significance, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) considers encouragement to creating sporting culture makes it a total development. The Dharavi Sports Complex (DSC), MMRDA initiative, situated between ONGC complex and Dharavi Bus Depot, has been built over a 12,430 square meters of plot with the main structure enjoying […]

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maes 2

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Educational Trust

MAULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD EDUCATIONAL TRUST envisions a model Dharavi in which people can enjoy their indisputable right as humans, such as access to health care, clean water, nutritious food, housing, and education. The organization helps poverty-stricken communities to help themselves, providing support and guidance in the communities' own resourceful endeavors. Great emphasis is placed […]

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