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Dharavi Hustle – A documentary about the Rap scene

Towards the end of the 1980s, and a decade before joining Rolling Stone, noted music journalist Rob Sheffield recollected the general opinion to that era’s live music scene as “discouraging and lame”. Sheffield disapproved the notion then, and three decades later, owes the period for the explosion of hip-hop genre, and how the phenomenon revitalised […]

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Design Museum Dharavi

Design Museum Dharavi is a new cultural institution that celebrates the creative potential of Dharavi, a homegrown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai, India. In February 2016 the museum opened its doors in Dharavi, a 3sq km home-grown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai. Around 1 million people live here, and despite the […]

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Be the Local Tours & Travels

Familiar to most by it’s name, we, Being the Locals, call Dharavi as “The land of opportunity”. Opportunities galore for one who is willing to work hard and innovate and thrive! We realized that the attraction to visit a slum has increased due to – media glorification of the movie Slumdog Millionaire – projects given […]

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Mystical Mumbai Tours

Mystical Mumbai is happy to make your visit to Mumbai delightful. The Mystical Mumbai Tour Service is not only the local market leader in Green Tourism but also a supporter for a tourism with a new focus. We entered the Mumbai tourist market in 2010 and could develop the eco-friendly tourism year by year. The […]

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dharavi rocks

Dharavi Rocks

Dharavi Rocks is a joint project between Acorn Foundation ( ) and blueFROG in Mumbai, connecting the educational and fun aspects of music to important environmental issues. Call it 'Education through Recreation'. The MISSION is to give slum kids a voice by initiating them into music, bringing positive and happy creative experiences into their […]

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SlumGods of Dharavi

SlumGods is a Collective of talented Hip Hop artists from Mumbai. By using Hip Hop to bridge the gap between chaos to creativity, SlumGods is an initiative to tackle the vicious circle of poverty in Dharavi. Phone: 8108855594/8286487779/9167592738 Email: Facebook page:  

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