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Unit in Dharavi to process wet waste of 9 wards

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to set up a waste processing unit on a 15-acre plot in Dharavi which will generate manure and electricity from wet waste collected from nine wards in Mumbai. The initiative was taken up by Assistant Municipal Commissioner, G North, Ramakant Biradar. The wards include A, B, C, D, E, […]

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Dharavi slums eating into mangrove forest

The mangrove patch in Dharavi is not just a critical habitat for several species but is also a crucial protective barrier from flash floods during heavy rainfall, as the trees and the swamp act like a sponge and soak the overflow of water. However, these forests slowly began to disappear because of rampant encroachment, prompting the […]

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Dharavi eCommerce Hub: Bringing Digital Learning and Connectivity to Students and Skills Development for Local Entrepreneurs

Cisco and the Government of Maharashtra (GoM)  announced new local strategic initiatives to help the digital transformation of the state. At the ceremony, Cisco showcased helping digitize Sri Ganesh Vidya Mandir High School by providing the students with a virtual classroom, digital learning and highly secure Internet connectivity. Cisco’s initiative aims to enhance the quality of education […]

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From Mumbai shanties to 18-storey building: 255 families from Dharavi move into new homes

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) handed over keys to new 300-sqft homes to 255 families from the neighbouring Shatabdi Nagar slum. The authority is in charge of redeveloping Sector 5, the easiest of Dharavi’s five sectors, while the other four are to be revamped with private developers on a public-private partnership model. […]

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Design Museum Dharavi

Design Museum Dharavi is a new cultural institution that celebrates the creative potential of Dharavi, a homegrown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai, India. In February 2016 the museum opened its doors in Dharavi, a 3sq km home-grown neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai. Around 1 million people live here, and despite the […]

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The Indecisive Chicken: the cookbook from Dharavi

Via Hindustan Times In June 2014, The Dharavi Food Project (organised as part of the Dharavi Biennale arts and science festival), saw a 13-session pop-up kitchen being set up. Eight local women presented cooking demonstrations with mentor-curator Prajna Desai at the helm. The idea was to engage vocational cooks to showcase their cooking and explore the […]

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st. anthony dharavi

St.Anthony’s Church

In 1939, a shed containing six rooms was obtained from Bombay Municipality by the influence of Dr.Donald who was the physician in Doctor Donald dispensary. Archbishop Roberts had a special interest in Dharavi area and appointed catechism teachers. For the first time, the feast of St.Anthony was celebrated in 1940. Till 1975, the sub-centre was […]

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kash 1

Kash Wallets and Bags

We take pleasure to introducing our self as a manufacturer of high quality leather camera pouches and office bags. Established in 1994, as Manik Leathers Creation (parent company), in a short span of time we emerged as one of the leading manufacturer of camera pouches, Bags & straps in India. Now we have diversified to […]

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bon marche 1

Bon Marche

Super International, is located in the Leather City of Kanpur, India , is a professional enterprise specializing in designing, production, sales with excellent service. We have a leather belt & leather horse bridle factory with an experience of manufacturing over 19 years. We cover the domestic and export market. Customers are free to offer their […]

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