Unit in Dharavi to process wet waste of 9 wards

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to set up a waste processing unit on a 15-acre plot in Dharavi which will generate manure and electricity from wet waste collected from nine wards in Mumbai.

The initiative was taken up by Assistant Municipal Commissioner, G North, Ramakant Biradar.

The wards include A, B, C, D, E, F North, F South, G North, G South (from Navy Nagar till Mahim and Dharavi).

If this project succeeds, we hope to convert nine wards into zero garbage areas,” Biradar said.

“As per our calculations, processing of 3,000 metric tonnes of wet waste on a daily basis will yield methane gas which can generate electricity worth Rs 30 lakh. We can use as much as we need and still have electricity worth Rs 18 lakh in excess which can either be sold or used for the utilities in the suburbs,” he said.

Apart from the financial aspect, Biradar added that since the plant is automatic, there will be minimal manpower required for its daily functioning.

The project also aims to reduce the BMC’s expenditure in transporting the waste from the nine wards to the city’s three landfill sites.

via Indian Express

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