How Children from India’s Largest Slum Are Turning App Developers to Solve Community Problems

Over the years, Ranjan’s Slum Innovation Project has grown to a two-room centre with 15 computers. Today, he trains close to 220 children.

The children’s progress has also inspired their mothers to step forward and join the digital revolution: “These are women who haven’t had any formal education. But on seeing the difference these classes have made to the lives of their children, they have expressed a desire to learn how to operate PCs too,” Ranjan said. “We are now in the process of launching a digital literacy programme for all the mothers.” Ranjan’s success in helping the Dharavi children use technology to lead citizen initiatives and solve community problems has inspired him to extend the project to other slums across Mumbai: “Technology can empower people. Dharavi is proof of that. I now want to scale the project to reach out to more people,” he concluded.
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